Needs Assessment & Budgeting

BrookTrout creates clear documents that spell out, in plain language, audiovisual requirements and costs for each room type based on input we draw from your users in needs assessment sessions.

Standards Creation

BrookTrout creates a recipe book for your AV facilities to tell architects, engineers, and contractors what AV, low voltage, electrical, and architectural requirements each room type requires, so all of your organization's rooms work consistently and have similar costs.

Systems Design – End User

BrookTrout creates audiovisual systems design packages used to get bids on projects.

Systems Design – Wholesale/Contractor

BrookTrout creates AV design packages to drive systems installation.

RFP Creation

BrookTrout creates complete RFPs, ready to send to bidders.


We commission completed projects--whether we designed them or not--ensuring they work at 100% for your users.

Peer Review

BrookTrout goes through design packages with a fine-tooth comb to ensure systems work when installed and into the future. A few dollars of review saves a pile of rework.
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